EyeCGas v2.0 (VOC)

  • EyeCGas 2.0 is the only certified OGI handheld fugitive emissions detection product of choice for oil & gas service companies and regulators around the globe. It allows for safe, quick, and cost effective detection of very small hydrocarbon fugitive emissions.
  • EyeCGas 2.0 is the worlds most durable and technologically advanced OGI camera. Its is intrinsically safe and allows for quick, safe and accurate inspections in all industrial applications and environments.

EyeCGas Mini

  • EyeCGas® Mini is a compact and user-friendly uncooled OGI camera for gas leak detection.
  • Feature-rich, this small handheld camera allows wireless communication, data streaming, image fusion, thermography, video & audio recordings, and more. Compact and durable, the EyeCGas Mini revolutionizes the way inspections are held – giving you LDAR power in the palm of your hand. It is the ideal cost-effective tool for LDAR solutions.

EyeCGas 24/7

  • EyeCGas® 24/7 ensures reliable monitoring and quick detection of methane and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) leaks – making it the ideal tool for industrial outdoor continuous monitoring of gas leaks.
  • EyeCGas 24/7 is a complete solution that provides both cameras and controlling software for detection and alerting of gas leaks in real-time.
  • EyeCGas 24/7 utilizes Opgal’s optical gas imaging technology and proprietary analytics to provide you with a 24/7 monitoring option for your facility.

EyeCSite Quantification

  • EyeCSite® measures and quantifies gas leaks for both 24/7 Fixed & Portable EyeCGas cameras. This unique software quantifies all VOC’s (including Methane, Benzene etc.), as well as other gases, in a simplified and user-friendly interface.

EyeCGas (CO/CO2)

  • EyeCGas CO is a rugged OOOOa compliant handheld OGI camera for CO & CO2 gas leak detection. With this camera you can safely and remotely detect and locate carbon monoxide as well as other harmful gases emissions. It is also the only OGI camera that is certified for ATEX zone 2 and UL class I Div II, hazardous environments. The EyeCGas CO allows for routine and on-demand inspections in the steel manufacturing operations and other industries where CO emissions need to be closely monitored. EyeCGas CO helps you detect and repair toxic gas leaks inside the facility, including vent stacks or pipes. It also allows video and audio recording, while maintaining safety. Whether these toxic gases are part of the manufacturing process, or a byproduct of the production line, EyeCGas CO helps increasing safety and protect the environment.
  • EyeCGas CO is an innovative product for gas leak detection that allows for safe, quick, and cost effective detection of carbon monoxide emissions. Moreover, it is the only OGI handheld camera for use in ATEX zone 2, UL class I Div II, and CSA hazardous environments.